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How workplace design affects productivity

The importance of the correct organization of the employee’s workplace is explained by the fact that a person spends a third of his conscious life on it. Therefore, it is worth thinking about the layout, design, furniture, and equipment of the workplace. all this affects labor productivity, our mood, and our health.

Сompetent planning of the workspace is a significant factor in determining the effectiveness of the performance of workers. A light and spacious office allows you to feel comfortable and awakens the desire to work, especially when conditions such as a comfortable workplace and a cozy recreation area have been created for this. More often, large companies choose the loft-style for offices, which implies space, a minimum of elements, the use of natural materials: wood, stone, and glass. In such rooms, one can breathe freely and one can feel the hidden power. This stimulates the brain and leads to increased performance.

Color affects performance

At first glance, it might seem like choosing a color for your workspace is an easy decision. Studies have shown that the surrounding colors have a strong effect on how fast we work. Exposure to blues and greens enhances employee productivity by generating new ideas. Red is needed for those who do hard work. It is no coincidence that the combination of red, blue, and green is familiar to us. Many big companies like Google, eBay, and Microsoft have combined them in their brand and office design.

Decorated items attract highly skilled workers

In the past, neutral shades were preferred, and clean tables were considered exemplary. But this movement towards minimalism seems to have gone too far. Lack of personality in office design leads to employee dissatisfaction and high staff turnover. The key to successful decor lies in moderation. Too few things and furniture will seem unwelcoming, and too many will seem chaotic and disorganized.


The work environment encourages employees to think creatively. A distinctive feature of Russian people is that they can wait a long time until their life gets better, and when living conditions improve, they are grateful to the one who helped them in this. Therefore, expensive and high-quality equipment, stylish office environment, will tell the employee that the management appreciates his work and thereby pays attention to him. He will see that the manager cares about his working conditions and responds with quality work.

Work from anywhere

It is not enough for an employee to simply be online. He or she also needs a complete workspace with all applications, data, and communication channels. You can use a configuration profile to propagate customizations to Apple devices. For example, it can be a corporate certificate, VPN settings, email data.

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