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  • 1 User-experience
    • User experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of the user interaction with a company, its services, and its products. It represents the totality of all human sensations during these interactions. Visual design plays an important role in building positive experiences. The average visitor to your site probably won't notice every nuance of interaction design or information architecture that you carefully thought out, but they will pay attention to the visual component. Usability is vital for your UX. If people can't use your product, they won't do it – genius! The main goal of usability is to achieve simplicity and convenience. The less attention a person pays to how to use the system, the easier it is for him to carry out the task at hand.
  • 2 Digital marketing
    • Digital marketing services are especially in demand in the B2B and B2C segments. The use of advanced digital capabilities allows you to reach the maximum of target consumers and establish the effectiveness of interaction with them, which ensures the high effectiveness of this approach. Digital marketing tools include all methods, means, and activities that allow you to notify many people, draw the attention of potential customers to a company, brand, service, or product. Most often, several tools are used simultaneously, which allows you to reach the maximum of the target audience and achieve high promotion efficiency. In digital marketing, other tools based on digital technologies can also be used: from an advertising offer when installing programs to sending by e-mail or melodies that are used to keep subscribers on the line. We know how to use all of them.
  • 3 SEO
    • When our SEO specialist gets all access to project analytics and webmaster panels, he starts analyzing the project's goods and services and also gives an overall assessment of the site to understand what work needs to be done first. A competent specialist notifies about the need for global changes in advance to clarify with the programmers how much possible, for example, the revision of the current version of the CMS. We upgrade the site and gain the trust of robots that will help the target audience find your site, product, service, or content on it and take the targeted action. That is, buy, order, subscribe, and become your regular loyal customer, subscriber, reader.
  • 4 PPC
    • Pay Per Click is an online ad payment model where the advertiser pays for clicks on the ad. We recommend using this convenient tool for those who want to attract high-quality traffic to the landing page since this type of online advertising is closely related to the requests and expectations of users. While traditional types of TV or print advertising may be available to a casual audience, PPC ads are ideally only shown to potentially interested users. The owner of an advertising resource pays a commission to the PPC provider for a specific keyword or phrase so that when you enter a key combination, the search engine displays the ad of this particular advertiser. If a user clicks on a pay per click link, the resource owner pays for each such click.
  • 5 Paid social
    • Paid social media is a way of displaying sponsored marketing messages (advertising) on popular social media platforms, and finding the target audience. Pay-per-click advertising, branded or influencer-generated content, and display ads are all examples of paid social media. The choice of platforms for consumers is expanding. If these platforms have clients’ audiences, we test them. This gives them lower costs and insights into working with the platform before the actual competition. However, we recommend that advertising opportunities on emerging platforms be viewed as part of an end-to-end strategy, rather than the only channel.

More Than Just Services