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A Startup Business From Scratch

Confidence in your idea is very important for any startup, but only a technical genius is not enough to implement it. You can be as educated as you want, technically savvy, but if you do not know the laws of the market and do not know how to work with a client, then most likely you will not be able to overcome the first stage of a startup’s life – from idea to initial funding. Therefore, now, if we talk about the IT sphere, the main task is to teach the geniuses of science and technology the basics of doing business and understanding the importance of this component of a startup.

Think about what your clients need

For example, if you came up with a mobile application on a certain topic, then before writing the code, ask your friends if they are ready to buy your product on Google Play or the iTunes Store and how much they can pay for it. You will have time to polish the product and then, the main thing is to know that it is in demand.

Constant learning

In the process of developing a startup, you will have a lot of questions that you have not thought about before. Answers to many of them can be obtained only after gaining knowledge in different areas – for IT specialists, such an education gap is the business component. It is important not to postpone attending courses, trainings until later, but to learn already at the stage of the prototype to talk with investors on equal terms.

Some ideas:

Application development

It would seem that IT professionals have already created every possible application that one can imagine. However, the human brain can demand something new, which means that another human brain can create it, embodying ideas.


Is it simple, but it brings a regular, substantial income.

Wearable device creation

The emphasis on such devices is directed to a healthy lifestyle, health, and athletic performance. The sale of such devices has been profitable for more than one year.

Online consulting

Nowadays, people are trying more and more to save time, this applies to all spheres of life. Sometimes, to get advice from one or another expert, a person is ready to shell out a rather large sum. And if such a consultation is also convenient, carried out in the usual conditions, it will give the consumer maximum comfort.

To sum up

A startup is a risk. Especially if we talk about the variant when a person, nurturing an idea, leaves everything, rushes headlong into embodiment. After all, there are no guarantees of success, because competition in the IT field will not give you time to relax or take a break. Therefore, experienced startups advise to bring the idea closer to its final form, test it under the necessary conditions, and only then, having the foundation for the presentation of the project, deal exclusively with it. No matter how promising, at first glance, the idea, it is important to stand confidently on your feet, having a steady income.

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