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How to organize your time

Organizing and planning daily and work activities is an essential step on the road to success. Effective time management will help you keep up with everything, always and everywhere, not leave unfulfilled tasks for tomorrow, and will also give you a few hours for a well-deserved rest. 15 simple and effective tips will solve the main problem – lack of time.

Set priorities

Make a list of things you can do. Don’t make your time rubber and don’t set yourself sky-high goals. Otherwise, your plan will drive you into depression, and it should motivate you!

Set specific goals

The completion of each task has a purpose at completion. It needs to be specifically formulated. The criteria for setting the goal of the SMART system will help in this. This system is a specific methodology that teaches you to set goals and achieve them correctly. Each letter of the name of the system stands for a characteristic of the goal and tells about what the goal should be for it to be realized. So, your goal should be:

– specific (aimed at one aspect from one area),

– measurable (to measure progress),

– appointed (should indicate who is responsible for the result of the goal),

– real (accounting for resources and the possibility of achieving the goal)

– related to time (the deadline for achieving the goal is clearly defined).

Regular work

Some tasks need to be done daily: for example, 40 minutes a day to study English. To avoid writing the same tasks every day, make a habit tracker. Here’s a sample timeline that can help you manage your time and get rid of or instill a habit. Mark the days when you completed the task and thus track the regularity.

Don’t work more than 8 hours a day and don’t forget about the rest

You can’t redo all the work, and you can’t earn all the money. Therefore, try to work no more than 8 hours a day if you do not want to “burn out”. Every human body requires a combination of work and rest. Do not forget to take breaks during work, and after each completed task, treat yourself to a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, or just go outside and breathe in the fresh air.

Organize a storage system

If the information you need for your work is on paper, sort it by folder, alphabetically, or by industry. If you usually work with electronic media, organize their work. Calculate how long it takes you to find a particular file necessary for work, delete unnecessary information, sort folders with information, complete all folders. This will save time searching for information and make your job easier.

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